Importance of a Media Kit


What is a media kit? A media kit is used by brands or publishers. For brands, a media kit (or a press kit) is a little package to tell the media who and what they are. For publishers, it’s a way to give potential advertisers, advertising rates, etc.

For bloggers, a media kit is like a cross between the two. Celebrate of a blogger media kit: it’s your way to highlight your blog, your audience, the accomplishments you’ve done, and your offerings to a potential advertiser or partner. The most important thing about your media kit is to be pertinent to brands by telling them what’s in it for them. WHY should they partner with you? What can you bring to the table? You showcase that in various ways throughout your media kit. With the work you’ve done, testimonials, following and more. 

A media kit shows you’re serious about your blog. Looking serious, polished, and professional can lead to better brand partnerships which means more money for you! Not to mention more exciting work!

Media kit by  Cecily Sarcinelli

Media kit by Cecily Sarcinelli

As a social media specialist and blogger, I want to offer my services to brands, entrepreneurs, and small business the services I provide. This social media kit shows how much followers I have on all my social media platforms. Some of my portfolio work, a little introduction about myself and testimonials from my previous clients, how to contact me and more. 

Cecily Sarcinelli made my media kit. Cecily Sarcinelli is a resume writer and media kit creator wanting to help those who want to stand out in the eyes of their future employers/ collaboration opportunities! She is lovely to work with and if you need a media kit or a new resume, reach out to her!