J!NS Open Studio Event


I've been wearing glasses ever since I was young. When I found J!NS through Instagram and what they offer I knew I would be getting my glasses here from now on. I love that you can go to their multiple locations and get new glasses with prescription within 30 minutes. When J!NS reached out to me about being on of the photographers for one of their events, I was excited and nervous at the same time. I love their product and the brand, so working with them was something I looked forward to. 


For this event, the influencers that attended were able to customize and design their glasses to their liking. This was a great idea as  the glasses were personalized for them. I took portraits of influencers with their personalized glasses. It was amazing seeing so many influencers in one room. I aspire to be one of them and to slowly trying to grow my Instagram account to work with brands and other companies. I believe this event was able to help me see where I want to be. 


As I mentioned above, I was able to find J!NS on Instagram thanks to these two. Mariel Cornel of Polydeux posted a photo on her Instagram that was captured by Justin Quebral. Love how it came into a full circle and I hope that this is only the beginning. I also hope to work with J!NS again in the future.


Did I mention the food was delicious too? The Heavenly Hawaiian-Brunch was provided by Windward Cafe . Dainty Japanese-Cocktails was provided by The Whaling Club in collaboration with Iichiko x Purity Organic.