6 Apps I Use for Instagram


Instagram is the most popular social media platform. As a photographer and social media specialist, these are the main apps I use: 

  • Content Creation

I always have my Canon 70D with me and capture photos through my phone with the live-view shooting I can take portraits of myself easily and other photos that can be directly on my phone. 

  • Editing Photos

Once I save my photos on my phone, I edit them on the Lightroom CC app on my phone. Let's be honest, we're always on the go and want to post our photos when we can. There are presets you can buy where you can add it to the Lightroom CC app and don't need to pay for the subscription. Here is a video on how to do so. 

  • Scheduling Content

For scheduling my content throughout the week, I use Preppr. With Preppr it lets me schedule the best posting times, shows a feed preview to make sure your feed stays incredible, provides support for a selection of hashtags and offers a caption library, and schedules content automatically or manually. Here are also some upcoming features: 

  1. Gallery posts
  2. Support for gifs 
  3. User tagging on their desktop version
  4. Improved cropping functionality
  5. They are also working on AI for content creation. Preppr can predict what the outcome will be for a particular post. Analyzing all of your posts, find insights and automate applying them to future campaigns. 

If you want to give Preppr a try, here's the link! I highly recommend them. 

  • Instagram Stories

Unfold is what I use for my Instagram stories (when I have time). You can create pages to save as a story or a page. With it, you can add text, photos, and videos on the templates given to you and add to your story. 

  • Hashtags

When I want to post manually, and want to add my first comment of hashtags I use Jetpack App that stores all my hashtags for me into sets. Instead of going back and forth with the note app, Jetpack copies my hashtags instantly letting me add my first comment.  

  • Tracking Account Overview

Command App gives me a profile account overview. It shows my profile grade of what I am doing good at and what I will need to improve on. It also indicates when it's the best time to post, like Preppr. Giving me stats and reports on my best days of a post with average likes and comments. 

Here are all the apps I use for my Instagram. What's your favorite app that you use for your Instagram?