Advice I Would Tell To My Younger Self


Looking back through the years, there would be something I would tell my younger self.  Here is the advice I would tell my younger self.

1. You will learn to love yourself, and continue to do so. 

Self-love is a never ending lesson. It will take time for you to love yourself, but eventually in time you will and its a lesson that never ends. The more time passes you will change and find something new about yourself. 

2015-11-10 06.49.46 1.JPG

2. You will find love.

You know the saying, "You'll find love when you least expect it?" Well that saying is true and you will find that person in the most unexpected place and that's the magic of it. 


3. You will know what you're worth.

Being proud of yourself is something you've never done but you will learn in a few years. There are going to be people that will support, encourage, and inspire you. 


4. You will find your passion. 

It's obvious that you love art, you will fall in love with it with photography as it is your passion. Being able to create something out of nothing. Being able to share peoples' stories through their portraits and more. 

These are just a few advice I would give to my younger self. How about you? What advice would you tell to your younger self?