What I Learned Working In A Corporate VS. A Startup



When I was in college, and I was able to experience what it was like working for a corporate company and a startup company as it was my part-time jobs. I've learned so many things by those experiences even if it was a short amount of time. 

Working in a corporate company, I had a supervisor who was above me. I was the assistant to this person, but within three months I was able to move up in my skills and work ethic. I was able to get paid overtime and working on the weekends as well. I had a specific job for my role and to focus on that role alone with the responsibilities it entails. 

Corporate positions tend to have narrower roles: If you’re a manager, you manage. If you’re a business analyst, you create reports. If you already know the position you want or the direction you want to go in, this type of environment can help you grow and hone those skills—without having to focus on a bunch of other responsibilities.



Working in a startup, I had many roles in the company. I was a social media specialist, as well as customer service, on-boarding call, and sales. It was a lot to handle, and it took some time getting used to. Being hired as a contractor meaning there's no health insurance and taxes would need to be paid by the end of the tax season.

We only had a few people on the team, and we were all expected to pitch in wherever needed. And at the time, that was great—because I had no idea what I wanted in a long-term career.



I prefer working for a corporate company - I'm still able to learn new things from my supervisors and work my way up. I wouldn't have to worry about my career if it will always be there by the hands of the clients but I like being able to wear many hats.  A few years ago, I decided to have my own business as a freelancer by being a social media specialist. I love social media and helping others build their social media presence whether it is through marketing, management and more. Have you ever worked in either startup or corporate? Share your experience in the comments!

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