Dessert Places in LA

In one of my recent posts I wrote about Places to Eat in Los Angeles, now I will tell you some of my favorite dessert places in Los Angeles. Are you ready? 😋


Somi Somi

(Multiple locations)

Somisomi is an soft serve dessert shop. We are known for our beautifully crafted Taiyaki soft serve. They have multiple locations!


Bumsan Organic Milkbar (koreatown)

Bumsan Organic Milk Bar serves premium 100% organic soft serve ice cream from the leading organic dairy producer in Korea.


Sugar Fix Cafe


This mom and pop shop is one of the best boba places I know. All the ingredients that goes to your drink are organic and prepared everyday. They also have Japanese toasts that are baked daily!


Bounce Boba Loft


An Unfussy bubble-tea lounge pouring a range of Taiwanese drinks like smoothies & serves fried chicken.


Partea Boba

(van nuys)

Just like Sugar Fix Cafe, Partea Boba is on the list of one of the best boba places I know. They have a secret menu too (;


Bae Little Tokyo

(dtla, Little tokyo)

This craft coffee, soft serve and bakery in Little Tokyo. You and your Bae can get something sweet here.


DKs Donuts

(santa monica)

Hands down my favorite donut place of all time! They are open 24/7, and deliver too! Can it get better than that? This bakery offers creative concoctions such as waffle-donut hybrids & donut sandwiches.

Obviously this is a shorter list than the Places to Eat in Los Angeles. I’m thinking of making these list a blog series as I am always looking for new places to try and I’ve kept some of my favorites to myself. Where are your favorite dessert places to eat in Los Angeles? I’d like to know!