4 Tips Creating Flatlays for Social Media

Ever struggled with taking flatlays photos for social media? You're in luck! Here are 4 tips to creating flatlay.

Tip #1: Prep Canvas

Make sure you have a clear canvas and point to the subject. What is the focus of your photo? Make sure it stands out and it is attracting to the eye. Use the rule of thirds and remember that larger objects will distract from the main focus. It is best for all your objects to be the same size. Pro tip: Flowers makes the photo have life.


Tip #2: Your Story for Your Brand

Ask yourself. What is your story? How can people connect with you? When you pick a subject, how does it tell a story? Represent your unique business and cut through the noise. Think about what you do and how does that photo help with your brand. Pick a style that represents your brand and be consistent with that style. If you don't know your style, that's okay. You will find it along the way. Play with different editing apps and pick a filter to your liking and stick to it.


Tip #3: Take One Piece of Content

Take that one piece of content and make it work all week long. Specify the days going into the content.

Process of creating content:

  • What are you good at?
  • What am I doing today?

Tip #4: Styling

Have a leading line that leads an eye to the image. Style the image through the photo. Use patterns that are the same. The most popular patterns are circles and triangles. Avoid using right angles and do an s-curve or diagonal. Add depth of field to your images. Use variety to tell your story and the color theory.

Ask yourself:

What are you doing different in the world?


Hope these tips helped and that you have a great weekend!


Sey Michelle